Sanfer’s commitment does not solely consist in the development of the Co. green business, but also in the promotion of a solid sustainable culture that values protecting the environment, the health and safety of all people. Strong of it’s self, Sanfer has adopted a business model that is oriented towards the most sustainable development and to decarbonization objectives coherent with the energy transition process that is taking place worldwide.


Photovoltaic is our core business. We believe PV is the renewable energy technology with the greatest technical and economic scalability and what we have seen so far is only the tip of the iceberg of what this incredible resource has to offer. Our competencies in this field have grown both in the origination of new projects, as well as the management of functional implants.

Impact on the territory

Sanfer sees the impact on the territory as an opportunity for the development of the local economies. 
We always try to utilize the local labor for both the construction and the management of the photovoltaic power plants as well as for all the additional services that are contracted on site: from guardians to the procurement of plants for environmental mitigation up to the care of greenery or the construction of access roads and power lines.