Business Model

Sanfer carries out the analysis, screening and evaluation of new opportunities for Greenfield projects, co-development and origination of PPA activities, coordinating all aspects related to the development of a photovoltaic plant. We collaborate with investors interested in green assets by offering development opportunities and industrial partnerships, thanks to efficient solutions that achieve the highest level of performance and bankability for the project.
 Thanks to its technical, industrial and financial skills, Sanfer is able to manage the entire profitable life of it’s renewable assets.  

Greenfield Development

We have always been involved in the so-called Bottom Up or Green Field development. Today, thanks to lower "Levelized Cost of Energy" of Pv plants, Market Parity has been achieved. This opens up to very powerful scenarios for the widespread development of renewables and for the achievement of the global decarbonisation goals.
Sanfer is involved every day in the development of new projects, working extensively on the territory and relying on a good and solid collaboration with landowners, local administrations and reference communities.

Power Purchase Agreement

The Power Purchase Agreements are an indispensable tool to promote the diffusion of photovoltaic systems in a Market Parity scenario because they guarantee the stabilization of costs for the consumer and that of revenues for the producer, helping the latter with access to bank financing.



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